Monterey, California


I briefly got to see my brother, the wife, and kids. ♥

We stumbled upon blue whales breaching near Point Lobos.

Camped off the PCH. Literally. Side-of-the-road.


In the morning our original flight didn’t have seats, so we rushed from Monterey back to SFO (about 2.5 hours) to try and make the only flight that looked open. Arriving to ticketing with 30 minutes left until our flight departed, I got denied by the TSA using my Airline ID badge, realized I left my wallet in the rental car, took the SFO AirTrain back to the car rental place, located our vehicle and my wallet, and made it back in time to get on that plane (also, our flight luckily got delayed by 30 minutes.) I literally got through TSA at what would have been ten minutes till departure, and thus doors closed.


I really need a checklist of valuables glued/tattooed to myself at all times. This is not the first time that’s happened.

And unfortunately not the last I assume.


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