For the past three years, I’ve been attending the Isle of Man TT races. It’s a two-week event where this island in the Irish Sea shuts down everyday driving roads and hosts races spanning 37.75 miles.There are no tickets to purchase to see them and there are spots around the island where you’re literally inches from the competitors whizzing past at 200mph. It’s an amazing spectacle that’ll be explained in a later post, but to get there, we started off our 10 day adventure in Shannon, Ireland. We drove to Dublin, and then on up to Belfast, Northern Ireland to catch our ferry.

Naturally, a trip to Dublin requires a stop at the Guinness factory. While neither my dad nor I were fans of Guinness before this, we both have a newfound respect for the brew. I’d say my father’s first time out of the country started off on a great foot 🙂


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