Amsterdam, Netherlands

I apologize for the lack of pictures. I think these two day trips to Europe are starting to take a toll on my body. And bank account.

I got to the airport a little tipsy and upon seeing that all the flights back to the US were delayed, I thought flying KLM to St. Maarten would be a fantastic idea. Halfway through the flight sobriety kicked in and I immediately regretted that decision. I had big girl responsibilities the next day and I needed to get home. First time on a 747 though, so not a colossally bad idea.

At least my passport looks awesome having 3 countries stamped all on the same day?



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  1. What made it such a bad decision?


    • SXM had no wifi, so trying to book a flight back to the states was impossible once I got there. Then I managed to get on a flight to EWR but got stuck in EWR. THEN found a flight to BNA and drove back to CMH from there overnight. It was fun, but I was so exhausted. I had maybe 4 hours of sleep the entire trip.


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