Frankfurt, Germany

There’s an ongoing competition between my immediate coworkers to see who can get onto an A380 first. If you’re not familiar with the A380, it’s this whale below. 262′ wingspan with a 525 passenger capacity. Ridiculous. a380

Flights looked good for once, so I took the chance for a weekend in Frankfurt.

15,427 miles flown all to get on that beast, but it was well worth it. Frankfurt was beautiful and I will definitely need to go back and spend more than just one day there.

PS: I am now the proud owner of an A380-800 Lufthansa safety briefing card 🙂

Safety Briefing card, or it didn't happen!



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  1. awesome!! Any tips on Frankfurt in a day?? I’ll be there in 80 days!


    • How fun! Enjoy the wonderful weather while you’re there! I strongly recommend taking a stroll along the Main River. There is a love lock bridge similar to the one in Paris and lots of other attractions.

      Also, just south of the Main on Schweizer St. are a few places where you can get apfelwein. If you’re interested – – I was told that this is the only place in the world where you can try it.
      Happy traveling!!

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